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Modern comforts lurk behind every Disease of Civilization. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis – you name it. Old bromides about diet and exercise provide minimal help. Prescription drugs undermine any possibility for long-term healing. The crucial missing piece for nearly everyone is cold thermogenesis – i.e., generating heat by getting cold. It is much, much more than heat, though. It is a fundamental foundation for health and longevity. Read more… »

Cellulite Remedies ScienceJust a quick note about that old buggaboo – cellulite. In digging through the small amount of scientific research that has been done on this topic, I  found that it is not well understood.

Cellulite is, for no apparent reason, much more common in men than in women. Good overview information has been published at Cellulite on Wikipedia, although the treatments described are poorly supported according to the weak references cited there.

I’ve decided to launch an information page on cellulite so women can find out where to find good information and which, if any, of the highly touted have any scientific support.

It turns out that European scientists are much more serious about cellulite research than are American  scientists. I’ve found a small set of good research articles so  far.

The example that I cite at Cellulite Remedies – Any Real Science? is one study that offers hope. I recommend that you take a quick look at what I wrote in that post. Much more will follow there within the next couple of weeks or so. I will notify you here about the science-based approaches to cellulite remedies that I find, as well as about the scams that I uncover, too (this won’t be difficult).

All the best in natural health,

Dr. D

Fat Loss is a Brand New Science

The most significant discovery on in the past century was made in 1994. That is the year that the , leptin, was found to be in control of belly fat and all other excess fat. As all other hormones, interacts with many others in a complicated array that includes insulin, human growth hormone, ghrelin, adrenaline, and estrogen, among others.

Why is leptin so important for fat loss?Belly Fat

Fat cells make leptin. This hormone tells your brain whether to store more fat or burn some of it up. Although this seems simple, the accumulation of excess fat over a long period of time causes leptin resistance. When you are leptin resistant, the brain receptors “think” there isn’t enough fat so they tell your body to keep adding more. If your leptin isn’t working for you efficiently, you will have a very difficult time burning off excess fat and keeping it off.

How can you get leptin to work the way it is supposed to?

Everything you have heard about regarding reducing excess fat is important, if you have the right approach. This means that the right eating plan (what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat), the right exercise plan, and the right supplement program are crucial. I’ve actually outlined five major steps to slimming that encompass these components of fat reduction, which you can get through BellyFatScience.com. They explain how to eat right, how to exercise effectively, what kinds of supplements work best, how to manage stress for losing fat, and the importance of hormone balance and how to achieve it.

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