1. Carolyn May says

    In your opinion is this Nattokinase better for heart (inflamation)
    than the TREVINOL Fibrin defense i purchased from you
    at your store????? Please let me know…i would like
    to take something to keep healthy “plumbing” & cardio… thank you. carolyn Hello to Eve!!!

    • Dr. Dennis Clark says

      Hi, Carolyn:

      Great to hear from you! Regarding your question, the Trevinol Professional product is the best overall systemic enzyme product that I know of. That product is hard to find, though, and we only get it on special order now. Nevertheless, I would say that any combination of nattokinase and serrapeptase that you can find is going to be a good product. One example is the SerraPhase by Sedona Labs, which is what I take every day, first thing in the morning. We keep that one in stock at

      All the best,

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