Fat Loss Biology Announcement

Every part of every cell is important for good health. One part, though, has recently risen to the forefront in research on health and longevity – mitochondria. Everything works better and longer when you are good to them. If you don’t, well … good luck with that. Here are some crucial pointers on what you can do to make sure that your mitochondria are all they should be. Read more… »

How to Get the Most Out of Vitamin C


Good luck finding out how much vitamin C you really need. Scientific research on it is flat out confusing. Experts disagree. Medical people don’t know what to think. Has your doctor ever mentioned it? Probably not. It is so crucial in so many ways, though, that you really must know some truths about vitamin C so you can get the most out of it. Read more… »

sunlight health

Okay, that is just a fancy term to say fear of the sun. Such fear does, indeed, drive a massive occurrence of modern diseases, though. If you avoid sunlight because of it, you already have or are on the way to getting one or more Diseases of Civilization because of it. It trumps diet, exercise, and supplements. The solution? More of the right light at the right times, and less of the wrong light at the wrong times. Read more… »

beef liver carpaccio

Organ meat is more nutritious the less you cook it. Raw is best. Apparently lots of recipes are out there for preparing delicious raw meat dishes. One such recipe is an Italian dish called ‘carpaccio‘. Read more… »

baking soda

Baking soda – sodium bicarbonate. You die without it. No, really. Your body makes it, although not enough to counteract poor eating and other lifestyle choices. It prevents and cures a long list of diseases. It also boosts athletic performance. If any of that piques your interest, then read on to find out why you should use it every day. Read more… »

gluten free salad

Benefits from the right dietary fats are phenomenal. Harm from the wrong ones are disastrous. Which is which is very clear and becomes clearer as more research studies appear. Dr. Oz acknowledges part of the story correctly. Unfortunately, he continues to stick to his guns when he is wrong. Here is what you should know. Read more… »

circular reasoning banner

The greatest medical scam in human history continues. Gee, what a surprise that the feds just approved a newer, more expensive cholesterol drug. Caveat emptor, folks! Read more… »

A Day of Good Eating

ban choose myplate

First off, ignore most dietary advice by the USDA, FDA, AMA, AHA, and any other similarly clueless government or professional medical organization. Protein and fat are the healthiest foods. There is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency, since we do not need dietary carbohydrates whatsoever. Here is what a day of good eating actually looks like. Read more… »

bare feet on ground

Get your free electrons here! Bare feet on bare ground … nothing cheaper for balancing your body voltage. Oh, by the way, electrons are reducing agents – a term that has been convoluted for public consumption under the newish descriptor, antioxidant. Everything good about your health depends on your redox (reduction-oxidation) state, which is fueled by – you guessed it! – electrons. Here is what you should know about these phenomenal little subatomic particles that just may surprise you. You will certainly want to get your share of ‘free’ electrons after you read this. Read more… »

ice woman

Modern comforts lurk behind every Disease of Civilization. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis – you name it. Old bromides about diet and exercise provide minimal help. Prescription drugs undermine any possibility for long-term healing. The crucial missing piece for nearly everyone is cold thermogenesis – i.e., generating heat by getting cold. It is much, much more than heat, though. It is a fundamental foundation for health and longevity. Read more… »